“Mean Girls” Inspired Codes

We’ve already established that “Mean Girls” is one of the greatest films ever created, but aside from that, it is also a very inspirational film — it taught us valuable life lessons, like how we can’t just make fetch happen. Here are some “Mean Girls” inspired codes.

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In Honor of Ms. Norbury…..Happy Birthday Tina Fey

If it wasn’t for May 18, 1970, the day we now know as National “Mean Girls” Day (October 3) may have never happened. That was the day that the earth was blessed with one of the most well-known comedians who would in turn help create The Plastics. So in honor of your birthday, here’s to you Ms. Norbury.

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The Truth Behind “Mean Girls”

As we all know, there is always a back side to every story, including “Mean Girls.” The year may be 2014, but I bet there are many things you still don’t know about the chick flick- like the fact that the movie’s original name was actually “Homeschooled.” Here are some more behind-the-scenes facts that you probably didn’t know about.

1. The “Mean Girls” cast wasn’t originally planned the way it turned out. There were many changes done before they finalized the roles.

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