“Mean Girls” 10-year-anniversary

“On Wednesdays, we wear pink,” takes a new meaning. Is it a coincidence that “Mean Girls” happens to fall on a Wednesday or is it meant to be? That is so fetch! This makes a reunion even more desirable.


Well, whether a movie or a skit, it is a fact that even after a decade, most of us long for a “Mean Girls” get-together. So many things have changed over the years — so where is the cast now?

Let’s start of with Lindsay Lohan. Similar to her story line, she went from good girl to bad girl to trying to be a good girl again.

Rachel McAdams is far from Queen B now. She has admitted to being the complete opposite of Regina George and her acting career is far from the famous character as well.

The underdog in  “Mean Girls” was definitely Amanda Seyfried. Look who’s laughing now — not only is she one of the most popular A-listers in Hollywood, she also proved to be anything but stupid.

Lacey Chabert, best known as Gretchen Wieners, is still a fashionista and surprisingly still looks the same compared to 10-years ago. Just like her role in the movie, Chabert still seems to be the least popular one from her clique.

The cast might have changed, but our love for the movie has not. Now go enjoy your Wednesday in the best way possible (watching “Mean Girls” should be included in your plans).


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