Girl Slangtionary

“It is so fetch.”

Girl’s modern-day lingo; what would we ever do without it? It’s like an embedded code helping us better communicate with one another; boys would never understand. Why explain what you’re trying to say if you can use codes instead? Here is some of the slang most commonly used by chicks:

1. OMG — oh my god

2. DTR — define the relationship

3. Slore — slut and a whore (double-whammy)

4. Double Whammy — when two bad things happen

5. Bomb-dot-com — beyond awesome

6. Skitch — a skanky bitch (another double whammy)

7. Shenanigans — calling BS

8. Obvi. — obviously

9. Creeper — guys we don’t want to talk to

10. Jell-y —  being a hater

11. Hater — a person that cannot be happy for another person’s success

12. Frenemies — enemies who act like friends

13. Dead — too funny

14. Kill ’em — show them how it’s done

15. DDG — drop-dead gorgeous

16- OOTD — outfit of the day

17. OOTN — outfit of the night

18. MOTD — make-up of the day

19. Bae — “babe” boyfriend

20. Inner Beyonce — the baddest “bad chick” you can be

This “language,” which is ever evolving, has been an inspiration to all the ladies around the world. One person, in particular, who has been affected by this slangtionary is Tamara from “Awkward.” Click here to read more about Tamara and her brillz (brilliant) quotes.



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